We were established in 2000 to engage in manufacturing and exporting pet supplies,natual loofah,loofah powder electric heater. Now our products include pet supplies,natural loofah,loofah powder,sisal,ramie,flax,bath set, bath toy, room slipper, brushes, massagers, pumice, electric heater and so on.

With more than 10 years' experiences and top-grade workers, our products always meet customers' expectations. Currently they are sold well in various countries and regions worldwide with main markets in USA, South America,Europe,Middle east, Japan, Korea etc.

Superior quality, attractive designs and reasonable pricing are our main advantages, and make our products more competitive in the international market. Meanwhile, excellent services and on-time delivery help us win great popularity among customers. our experienced service team would like to help you from design to shipment as your own way.

Our company is not limited by any real geographical boundary and we can serve you anywhere in the world.welcome customers all over the world to our factory for long and friendly cooperation,time bath is your first choice!best partner! ADD: FUHAI INDUSTRIAL ZONE,CIXI CITY,NINGBO,CHINA TEL: 86-574-63568731 FAX: 86-574-63562981 E-MAIL: jackfeng@163.com

本厂位于著名的丝瓜络之乡---慈溪,专业生产宠物用品, 天然丝瓜络,丝瓜络粉,剑麻,棉麻,拖鞋,动物玩具,沐浴套装,电暖器等家居用品. 经过多年的努力,我们开发了6大系列产品: 1、宠物用品 2 丝瓜络 3、沐浴系列:丝瓜络、剑麻、棉麻、格子麻、苎麻、点麻、圈麻、彩麻、带麻、孟麻、浴花、桑拿巾、8字麻、线麻、亚麻、花麻、木浆棉、华夫布、PE料等。 4、卡通沐浴系列:印刷与刺绣动物卡通沐浴手套,动物造型沐浴手套、沐浴儿童玩具、动物浴擦、动物浴花、卡通沐浴拉背带、动物方巾、手帕、花形坐垫、靠枕、枕头、印花浴绵、卡通围兜、亲子系列卡通手套等。 5、沐浴套装系列:PVC袋套装、木桶套装,网纱包系列、儿童卡通动物沐浴套装系列、成人套装系列自由搭配,可来样定做。 6、拖鞋:EVA拖鞋、海绵拖鞋、剑麻拖鞋、棉麻拖鞋、丝瓜拖鞋、蝴蝶节、交叉拖鞋、开口拖鞋、封口拖鞋、细毛巾拖鞋、粗毛巾拖鞋、华夫格拖鞋、新料拖鞋、木须海绵拖鞋、卡通拖鞋、沙摊拖鞋、毛绒拖鞋,可以刺绣,印花,烫花LOGO等.